Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to Connect
  • 1. Download Avalon Mu Client if you don't already have it. (Downloads)

    2. Create a new account (here).

    3. Install the client and launch it through Avalon Mu Launcher.

    4. Wait for updates and file verification check.

    5. Start the game, login and play!

  • How to keep your Account Safe
  • 1. Naming Policy

    The most frequent and common mistake which players are doing is using the same account name for all the servers they play (most of the time, account name matches e-mail adress as well). You should NOT do that. Simply because it's making your account extremely vulnerable against hackers and "corrupted" staff team members.

    Tip: If you really have problems remembering your account names, you may simply add a few numbers to your original account name.

    Tip: do not use simple account names like "johny" "michael" "leetpro" etc. Use an abstract word or a variation of severalwords. Account must consist of both letters and numbers.

    Tip: Write it down on a piece of papar and make sure it's visible and accessible only by you.

    2. Setting Password

    Same as account name. Account passwords must be different for all accounts you use. This will provide a 100% safety to your account information. Account password should consist of both letters and numbers.

    Good account password: Alph4BraV0Ch1ll3

    Tip: Change your password at least 1 time per 3 months.

    Tip: Use traditional Latin alphabet, using letters such as "ö" may incorrectly store your password in the database and might hinder you from logging in.

    4. Email

    Setting your email (a valid one) is extremely important as THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY WAY TO RETRIEVE ACCOUNT PASSWORD IF YOU FORGET IT.

    Make sure your email is active and accepts messages from Avalon MU.

    4. Sharing account information

    There are a lot of people who share the same account. This is a very bad idea. This completely compromizes accounts security and here are a few reasons why:

    1. You may be sure that the guy you gave your account info is a relayable person. - WRONG. NEVER EVER trust anyone, especially those so-called "friends" you've found on the web are not friends at all. You've never seen them, you've never heard them - how can you trust them?

    2. Trying to trade your account is another stupid idea. First of all, if you think you can earn some money using Avalon Mu server, you need to think again. The person, who are you trying to trade with, can simply screenshot the conversation which will lead to your account permament suspenion. Trading accounts on Avalon-MU is forbidden. Use common sense and never sell/trade your account.

  • How To Earn WCoins
    • 1. Purchase W Coins

      You can purchase Gold Coins at our Donation page.


      You can earn Coins by participating in various events throught the network of Avalon.

    • 3. VOTE FOR US

      Voting helps us grow. You vote every 12 hours.


      Be active on our gameplay and get priceable things for your work , all that things you can sell with our offstore in game feature.


      Make a Grand Resets you can get a nice amount of WCoins.


      We build over 401 Ragular quests many mythic/daily/weekly quests , by completing quests you can get WCoins as well.